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PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are an advertising model used in digital marketing to generate traffic to your website, and they are one of the best and fastest ways to generate income. We carry out PPC Google Ads and PPC social media ads campaigns (Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads).

PPC management is a dynamic and continuous process that requires continuous optimization. A well-run campaign can bring a lot of new customers, but this process must be constantly iterated. Setting goals, checking competitors and creating creatives are only the first steps in creating a PPC campaign. That’s why it’s best to leave it to a specialist from a digital agency who will make sure that your online marketing services are at the highest level.


Display advertising is a format that uses photos or graphics of a specific size and format. It is used by online marketing agencies more often to generate brand awareness than revenue. New technologies also allow us to create dynamic image ads.


Search advertising is a type of campaign where your marketing agency creates ads in search results (for example, via paid Google campaigns). The main advantage of this model is that it reaches people who are actually interested in a specific product or service. It just helps them find the page and reaches the right people at the right time.


Have you ever looked for a watch on the Internet and then seen advertisements for a watch all over the place? This is classic remarketing. In this model, as a PPC agency, we target people who have already seen your product or service and want them to become your customers. This is a very effective PPC campaign format.

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